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Dunn's Pond Pack Algae Control

Algae is a common problem with most pond or lake managers. Sunlight, high nutrients and low oxygen levels all contribute to algae problems. The best time to prepare yourself and your pond is early spring. Dunn's Fish Farm has put together these proven products to give you the edge. Spend less time treating your pond and more time fishing.

Dunn's Pond Pack Algae Control consists of:

  • Cutrine Plus Liquid(1 gallon)
  • Cutrine Plus Granular (12lb Container - 1lb every 720 Square Feet)
  • Biocycle Algastat(1 gallon)
  • Aquashade(1 gallon)

These products have proven successful against many types of Algae including filamentous and hair algae.

This combination of products will generally treat 1/2 to 1 acre depending on pond depth.

How & When to use these products..

  1. Aquashade should be used first in this process, early spring is best. Aquashade is a blend of blue and yellow dyes specifically designed to screen or shade portions of the sunlight spectrum (red-orange and blue-violet) required by underwater aquatic plant and algae growth.
  2. Biocycle Algastat is a two phase water conditioner with barley extract. Biocycle is best used when water temperatures begin to rise in early spring. Nonmetallic pigment base, screens out specific sun rays interrupting photosynthesis. Live reproducing microbes out compete algae for available nutrients in the water. Used in a structured maintenance program algal blooms are minimized and less frequent during warm months.
  3. Cutrine Plus Granular is used to kill algae on the bottom of the pond. As you see algae forming in the shallows use 1lbs per 720 square feet using a handheld spreader. Most algae will start on the bottom and eventually float to the top. This will kill algae before it is present on the surface.
  4. Cutrine Plus Liquid is used when algae is present on top of the water. Aquashade & Biocycle when used properly will limit algae growth so you will treat less. This product is mixed 9 to 1 with water and sprayed directly on the top water algae.


Price: US $189.50