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Meet our consultants, read all about our seining process, and watch the loading process on video.   View our Delivery Methods page to see how we delivery our fingerling fish to you. If you still have questions, please don't hesitate to call at (800) 433 2950

Our office hours are 8:00 AM until 5:00 PM CST Monday thru Friday. If you prefer you can email  us  and we  will always reply within 24 hours, 7 days per week! Your business is important to us and we welcome any questions you might have or suggestions you may offer to help us better serve you. 

Home Office

From the time you make the decision to build your pond, to when you are actively fishing, we are right there working with you. With offices located in Arkansas and Oklahoma, we have the consultants and the experience necessary to see you through on your project, from start to finish.

Since all ponds and lakes are unique, our personalized stocking rates will vary. We want to know your objective such as, how heavily it will be fished and exactly what your expectations are for your lake. Will this lake be for the family, is it a company lake, or maybe it's the Trophy Bass Lake you've always wanted. Whatever your goals, we have the Knowledge it takes to get you there. We want to see you happy with your lake, stocked right the first time.


After a decision is made on your stocking rates, we go to work getting your fish to you. All of our fish are held in ponds according to size and species. As orders are placed, our seine crews begin the process of gathering and treating your fish. The seining process will begin a minimum three days prior to your delivery. The fingerling fish are seined out of the ponds and put into harvest trucks then moved into vats inside of our holding facilities. Once the fish are inside the vats, the vat water is slowly adjusted to the ideal holding temperature for the current season. At this time the fish receive their first treatment of salt. The salt serves a dual purpose. First it will help purge the fish of any food or waste inside their bodies which is a must prior to hauling. This is necessary because the water inside the transport tanks must be kept clean and free of any chemical buildup. The second purpose of the salt is to help keep the electrolytes built up on the fish. This is very important because it will enable the fish to keep their slick protective coat throughout the delivery process. During their short stay in our holding facilities, the fish will receive various other treatments to insure they are free of any possible disease or parasite before they are shipped to you.

Loading Process
Loading Process

Now that your fish are ready to ship we begin the loading process. The loading process is always supervised by the Farm Manager. All fish are loaded by weight, With the exception of Koi and Grass Carp which are hand counted. Pound samples are taken to determine a fish count per pound just prior to the loading process.

The fish are weighed onto the trucks and put inside individual compartments according to species and size. Agitators are sometimes used inside the tanks to help the water release any impurities that may be present. Oxygen is pressure fed into the individual compartments from three refrigerated liquid oxygen cylinders. Each Cylinder is regulated separately and can be monitored from inside the cab of the delivery truck.

Once the oxygen reaches an individual compartment it will travel through a medical flow meter, into a diffuser and then out into the water. This process insures a steady flow of oxygen while maintaining the proper saturation levels inside the water. If the oxygen pressure ever drops below a specified level, then an alarm will sound alerting the delivery personnel to the potential problem. After all of the fingerling fish are loaded the water is then slowly adjusted to the optimum hauling temperature.