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Give that "hard to buy for person" what they really want, the freedom to choose their own gift! With a Dunn's Fish Farm Gift Certificate that someone special in your life can choose from our entire product line including Hodgman Outdoor Wear, Stren Fish Feeders, Remington Game Feeders, Kasco Decorative Fountains & Aerators, numerous water quality treatment products, fingerling fish for pond stocking, and much, much more! Order a gift certificate now and put the stress of gift shopping behind you with a Dunn's Fish Farm Gift Certificate!

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The TROPHY TREE is a long-lasting structure resembling the natural look of the outdoors while providing great cover for baitfish and all types of game fish. Algae growth occurs quickly due to the realistic bark like texture of the Fish Rack. This product not only gives you virtually undetected favorite fishing spots, but it also provides the opportunity for different placement configurations. Extreme ease of assembly allows you to quickly hang from your dock or place in your favorite lake or pond. You will enjoy greater fishing time and less frustration which can be associated with placing natural cover.

Trophy Tree Dimensions: Height: 40 inches Width with evenly distributed limbs: 46 inches. Limbs can be pulled further from the trunk for a maximum product width of 78 inches. (Must leave a minimum of 4 inches of limb on one side of trunk.) Weight: 11 lbs. Included in Trophy Tree box: One 40 inch Trophy Tree Trunk Nine 46 inch Limbs
Your TROPHY TREE consist of one (1) PVC Tube, twelve (12) Composite Branches, one (1) 4ft Coated Stainless Steel Cable, and one (1) Nylon Bolt w/ locking wingnut.

■Easily assembled

■Product can easily be hidden in bottom of boat/ out of sight

■No mess/scratches

■Not easily detected on a graph

■Fish are immediately attracted

■Long lasting rugged product

■Easily moved to different fishing locations

■Multiple variations of structure (lengths, vertical/horizontal)

■Will not snag hooks

■Flexibility of structure limbs allow bait to bounce off

■Structure sinks by itself. Only a small amount of weight is suggested to keep in place.

■Holes for attracting and holding baitfish

■Rough texture of limbs allows for quick growth of algae

■All hardware for installation is included

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Turtles are a major problem in any pond or lake. Besides being a nuisance to fisherman, they can forage on your fish and may destroy spawning areas, disrupting the natural balance of your lake. For this reason, Dunn's "Sure Ketch" Turtle Trap has become one of the more popular items in our product line.

This trap is constructed of an aluminum angle main frame and is held afloat with a high density Styrofoam on all four sides. There are two aluminum flippers with grooves that come out of the water and go over the top of the trap on both sides. These flippers are attached to stainless hinges. When the turtles crawl up on the flippers to sun themselves, the flippers will dump them into the trap. The flippers are weighted to automatically reset themselves.

Put the "Sure Ketch" Turtle Trap to work for you and watch as your pond becomes a more enjoyable, productive environment. Check out the Assembly Video Below!


In Production Since 1982!

Dimensions: 31x22x22
Assembly Time: 25 Minutes
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Optional Replacement Flippers
Optional Replacement (Nuts, Bolts, Washers)
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Tthe PINPOINT pH Monitor™ is in use by thousands of customers worldwide. This affordable unit remains the only full-time pH monitor with .01 resolution.

The PINPOINT pH Monitor™ requires only a 9-volt battery and is sold complete with probe and calibration fluids. The electrode is also available separately and fits any meter or monitor. Comes complete with meter, probe and all calibration fluids.

Given proper care, the PINPOINT pH Monitor™ should last a lifetime. PINPOINT pH Probe comes with a 10 foot high supression cable and a BNC connector. Powered by a standard 9-volt battery (not included).
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