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Algae Topics Explained

Got Algae Problems? These pages were designed to provide information and solutions for various common water quality, algae, and aquatic plant problems associated with ponds, lakes, and water features. We strive to provide accurate, effective, and reliable information provided by Kasco Marine, Inc. a manufacturer of high quality, affordable aerating floating fountains, pond aerators, and water circulators for improved water quality and beauty. Kasco aerating fountains, pond aerators, and water circulators can assist in improving your ponds appearance, water quality, and your enjoyment of your water feature. We will focus on total water quality management with aeration being a key component, but possibly not a complete pond management tool.

Algae often is a catch-all for all aquatic plant problems, when in fact, algae is just one of several aquatic plant species that can greatly affect your pond. Adding an aeration device to your pond will help maintain healthy pond ecology and assist in returning a natural balance to a pond that is overrun with aquatic plants and algae. Aeration is an important ingredient to overall water quality and pond health, but often aeration is more effective in conjunction with several other methods of obtaining better water quality for your pond or lake and less algae problems.

We offer several menu options that will provide information on these common aquatic problems and some solutions of how to effectively combat these water quality problems. A quick overview of the pages, options and categories is as follows:

Algae Problems? - Focus's on types of algae, benefits and problems of algae, how aeration can help, other methods of treatment and algae control, and the true cause of most pond problems.

Aquatic Plant Problems? - Focus's on common aquatic plants, benefits and problems with them, how aeration and other treatments can help, and the causes of these problems.

Nutrient Problems? - Focus's on nutrients, which cause algae problems, as the main cause for most pond water quality problems, sources of nutrients, ways to limit incoming nutrients, ways to remove existing nutrients, and how aeration can help these problems.

Temperature Problems? - Focus's on both hot and cold water temperatures, the yearly cycle of each, problems that exist with this, and how aeration can eliminate the problems.

Water Quality Problems? - Focus's on general water quality issues with ponds and lakes, what causes these problems, how aeration can help, and solutions to a healthier pond.

Aeration - Focus's on what aeration can do for you and your pond or lake, the benefits of added oxygen, information on several different types of aeration devices, and some things to consider when purchasing.

Water Gardens - Focus's more specifically on water quality issues dealing with small pond and water garden applications, how to create and maintain a healthy water garden, and how aeration plays a key role.

Retention Ponds - Focus's on the rapid increase of man-made retention ponds, the purpose of retention ponds, how to make retention ponds more effective, how aeration can improve the performance of a retention pond, and how Kasco can help.

Backyard Ponds & Lakes - Focus's on both natural and man-made water features from the a fraction of an acre to large lakes, the natural progression of a body of water, how to create a healthy ecosystem, how aeration can greatly benefit the pond or lake, and how to care for your lake or pond.

Fish & Wildlife - Focus's on how fish and wildlife alike inhabit and use a pond or lake, how aeration and water movement can not only benefit them but are essential to survival, and how to make the most of your water feature in regard to the fish and wildlife that inhabit or use it.

These pages are reprinted from, courtesy of