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Turtles are a major problem in any pond or lake. Besides being a nuisance to fisherman, they can forage on your fish and may destroy spawning areas, disrupting the natural balance of your lake. For this reason, Dunn's "Sure Ketch" Turtle Trap has become one of the more popular items in our product line.

This trap is constructed of an aluminum angle main frame and is held afloat with a high density Styrofoam on all four sides. There are two aluminum flippers with grooves that come out of the water and go over the top of the trap on both sides. These flippers are attached to stainless hinges. When the turtles crawl up on the flippers to sun themselves, the flippers will dump them into the trap. The flippers are weighted to automatically reset themselves.

Put the "Sure Ketch" Turtle Trap to work for you and watch as your pond becomes a more enjoyable, productive environment. Check out the Assembly Video Below!


In Production Since 1982!

Dimensions: 31x22x22
Assembly Time: 25 Minutes
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