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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Snares are the latest traps being used for animals. Made from 3/32 steel cable and one way sliding locks, snares are designed to close around animals as they pass through the snares open gap. The noose will close, preferably over the animals body, and will hold the animal alive if properly anchored. Heavier cables are available for extra large animals. 8 inch 3/32" 7 x 7 Galvanized A/C cable with Amberg Lock and release ferrule. The release ferrule is set to break away at 270lbs to release accidental catches of livestock. The choice of A.D.C. trappers

TARGET ANIMALS: Snares are used for many animals including beaver and nutria. Since both these animals are quite strong, be sure to anchor the snare onto something which cannot be dragged. This might be a tree, large logs or cinder blocks.

WHERE TO USE IT: Snare cables can be set many different ways. These include den sets, trail sets, hole sets and anywhere you can imagine animals are traveling. There is a skill to making a set and though very effective, snares require some expertise in order to be used properly and efficiently. Price includes 12 snares.
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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Liquid material sprayed onto surfaces where nuisance beavers are chewing. It is odorless, won't hurt any animal since it is nothing more than a glue which doesn't dry, and will usually last 6-12 months per application.

TARGET ANIMALS: Several kinds although it works best at stopping beavers from chewing desirable trees.

WHERE TO USE IT: It can be used just about anywhere but is usually applied on the bark of trees you don' want beaver to cut down. Apply it all the way around the trunk of the tree up at least 4 feet high to insure the animals don't chew above treated areas. Apply it by painting it on or use a pump hand sprayer as featured in our catalog.

RATE OF APPLICATION: One gallon can cover up to 1000 sq/ft which is a lot of trees.
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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: 10" x 10" square heavy steel trap which has two springs for strong setting. The springs are in the shape of a "V" and when set, compress the tops of the "V" together. There is a safety latch on each "V" so that once compressed, you can latch it for holding it set. Once both "V"'s are compressed, you set the key into the groove of the trigger. Now, place the trap where you want to make the set. Once in place, the safety latches are released and the Conibear is now ready to work. Because of the strength required to compress these "V" springs, it is strongly suggested that you get a set of Setters. These will enable you to compress the springs with a lot of leverage and make working with 330's much easier.

TARGET ANIMALS: Although this trap has been used for many animals over the years, it is still primarily used as a beaver trap. As the largest available, use it for big beaver. 280's and 220's may work as well, but the 330 is what you need when dealing with large animals.

WHERE TO USE IT: Conibear traps can be set many different ways. These include den sets, mound sets, run sets and feeding station sets. All are detailed in either beaver book listed in our article.

RATE OF APPLICATION: This will vary from job to job. Generally, the more traps employed, the quicker you catch your target animals. Although you can start with only one, it is suggested that you use 2-3 where you can.
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